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two girls enjoying ice cream cones

Where Can I Get Ice Cream in Granbury, Texas?

Best Ice Cream Shops to Visit in Granbury, Texas

Now that we’re in February, that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While some people choose to stay home, other people like to go out. The common choice for a Valentine’s Day date night is to go out to dinner for a fancy meal and a glass of wine. However, we think going out for ice cream is an even better idea. This date will make you feel young again no matter how old you are! Keep reading as we share what we think are the best ice cream shops to visit in Granbury, Texas.

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wine bottles on top of wooden table

What Are the Best Wineries and Breweries to Visit near Granbury, TX?

There are many ways that we can spend time with our friends. We can go to the movies, have a game night, or go shopping. For friend groups over the age of 21, a favorite activity to do is get some drinks. While you may think of the bar when going out for drinks, don’t forget about wineries and breweries for unique and local drinks. Below, we have created a list of the best wineries and breweries to visit near Granbury, TX.

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